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Are you a "Flintstones" Fan or a "Flintstones" Fanatic?
If you can answer the majority of these questions you are a fanatic.  If you can answer all of them --  you need to get a life!
Give it try - Test your "Flintstones" knowledge with these 'rock' hard questions.

Trivia will be updated and changed from time to time - last update:  October 16, 2002

What episode did Wilma wear shoes?

What was the name of the Bedrock Pee-Wee Baseball Team?

Who was their coach?

Who did they play in the Pee-Wee Championship?

Who was the umpire in the Championship Game?

Who won the game?

Who was called out on strikes 5 times in the game?
What is the population of Bedrock?

What is the currency of Bedrock?

What county is Bedrock located?
Why did Fred take Ballet Lessons?

Who was his ballet instructor?

The ballet lessons helped Fred beat what team in the big bowling match?

What is Fred's bowling nick name?

The Flintstones and Rubbles take a vacation to what was promised to be an isolated spot, but what event was taking place at the same time?

What was the name of the vacation spot?

What is the name of the place where Fred and Wilma were married and renew their vows?

Although Fred never graduated from High School, in one episode he attends college. What college did he attend?

Why did he attend college?

One of the times in which Fred was fired, he becomes a school bus driver for what route?

When Fred and Barney try to go in the songwriting business, who do they hire for help?

When Barney and Betty adopt Bamm-Bamm, who is their opposing attorney?

In the episode where Fred drives Barney's car in the Indianapolisrock 500, what was Fred's driving name?

What product did Fred and Barney do an ad for at the end of the race?

What planet was Gazoo from?

Why was Gazoo exiled from his planet?

Besides being sent to prehistoric Earth, what was Gazoo's punishment?

Who was Gazoo's Master?


What color are Fred's eyes?

Even though it was never shown, what was Fred's license plate number?

Fred was once appointed Sheriff of what town?

To receive an inheritance, Fred and the gang must spend a night in his uncle's haunted mansion. What was his uncle's name?

Fred's other rich uncle came to visit expecting Fred and Wilma to have a baby, so Barney played the part. What was this uncle's name?

But before we knew him as Fred's uncle, the same character was seen in an earlier episode where he was the interested buyer of Barney's house. What was his name then?

This character was also seen in an episode where he was fixed up with Wilma's Mother.  What was his name in this episode?

Who was Barney's Uncle?

What is the name of the club that Fred and Barney belonged:
"The Loyal Order of Dinosaurs", "The Loyal Brotherhood of Water Buffalos", "The Loyal Order of Water Buffalos", or "The Royal Order of Water Buffalos"?

What is the Royal Order of Water Buffalo's password?

What is the Flintstones address:
301 Cobblestone Way, 301 Cobblestone Lane, or 345 Stonecave Road?

What was Wilma's Maiden name:
Slaghoople, Sufflehooper, or Pebble?

What was the name of the quarry where Fred worked:
The Slate Rock and Gravel Company, The Slate Gravel and Sand Company, The Bedrock Gravel Company, The Rockhead Quarry, or the Cave Construction Company?

What is the slogan of the Slate Rock and Gravel Company?

Who was Fred's boss at the quarry:
Mr. Boulder, J. J. Granite, Joe Rockhead or Mr. Slate?

What are the names of Fred's four Dino-Cranes at the quarry?
In the episode where Fred wins an appearance on the Larry Lava show, what was his sole line of dialogue supposed to be?

In the episode where Wilma became a TV star and consequently angered Fred because she was unable to have diner ready for him, what was the name of the TV show in which Wilma stared?

Who was the sponsor of the show?

When Fred shrunk, he and Barney put together a ventriloquist act on what show?

Dino once stared in what TV show?

Fred's Barber Shop Quartet Appeared on what TV show?

What was the name of the Barber Shop Quartet?

Who does Fred try to get to perform at Wilma's ladies club benefit?

Fred invented a potion that cured Barney's hiccups, but what was the side effect?

At an attempt for a men's only Water Buffalo convention, every member came down with a disease. What was the cure for the disease?

What was the name of the disease?

Fred hired a housekeeper that turned out to be a notorious bank robber. What was her name as known by the police?

Fred plays Gary Granite's stunt double in what motion picture?

Where did Barney get Betty's wedding ring?

What is the movie playing at the theater in the opening sequence?

How many nights is it playing?
What was the name of the cake that Wilma and Betty entered into the Tasty Pastry Contest?

Why did Fred and Barney have to bake the cake at the bake-off?

Fred briefly became a rock star after recording a song in a do it yourself recording booth at an amusement park.  What name did he go by?

What was the name of the Flintstones cat?

In 1960-1961 "The Flintstones" aired on Friday nights on ABC at 8:30 p.m. and was followed by what show?

At the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo Picnic, Fred dumped Barney as his partner in the field races to team up with who?

Then when Fred was dumped, he and Barney teamed up to win the trophy by winning what race?

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