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One of the best things about "The Flintstones" is all of the animals that are used for  tools, appliances, and such.  Most of them would also comment about hating their job.  It's funny that most of these animals talk, but Dino never did! 

Here is a list I have compiled from other sites and from memory.  As I notice other animal tools on the show I will add them to the list, so check back from time to time.

This page was last updated on:  June 24, 2002

Bird Airplane:  A gigantic bird (Pterodactyl-like) has a stone passenger cab strapped to its back while it flies to the destination.

Bird Alarm Clock: A pointy beaked bird, sitting on top of a clock, hammers on metal bells.

Bird Automatic Door Opener:  The doors at the super market are automated with rope secured to the door while a bird perched on a stand pulls with his beak.

Bird Broom: The feathers on the head of the bird sweep up the dust as Wilma holds him by his legs.

Bird Camera: The stone camera houses a talented bird that chisels images onto stone tablets with its beak.

Bird Car Horn:  A bird sitting on the side of the car honks when Fred squeezes him.

Bird Clothes Pins: Birds hold clothes on the line two different ways.  One time with their beaks clamped on the line, and in another episode they just sat on the line and held the clothes with their feet.

Bird Crocheting Needles:  Wilma uses the beaks of two small birds to knit a sweater.

Bird Fire Starter: Blows air on the fire to keep the coals going when its legs are squeezed back and forth. 

Bird Hedge Clipper:  The bird bites of branches with its beak when Fred squeezes its legs back and forth.

Bird Intercom:  A talking bird flies back and forth between stone boxes to relay messages. (and makes his own sarcastic remarks)

Bird Letter Opener:  The long beak of a bird is used to open letters.

Bird Pen:  The long, pointy beak of a bird is dipped in ink and used as a pen.

Bird Pie Maker:  Wilma holds the bird as it trims the extra pie crust around the pan with its beak.  Then it's feet are used to crimp the top and bottom crust together. 

Bird Rake: This bird's claw feet rake the grass while Wilma holds the bird by his neck.

Bird Record Player:  The tip of the long, pointy beak of the bird follows the groove of the record that spins on the back of a turtle. 

Bird Sewing Machine:  A bird sits on a stone slab and sews fabric with the thread through its needlelike beak.

Bird Whistle: A string tied to the birds tail is pulled at quitting time and it squawks like a whistle.

Bumblebee Razor: Fred catches a bee out of the window and puts it in a clam shell to buzz off his stubble.

Cat Broom:  A small, very fury, prehistoric cat lays on his back and is pushed around on the floor with a stick to whisk up dirt.

Crab Lawnmower:  Barney pushes a crab while it clips the grass with its claws.

Cuckoo Clock Alarm:  A birdhouse equipped with a bed, hourglass (to remind the cuckoo what time it is) and a coffee pot.

Dinosaur Automatic Ball Pitcher:  The Dinosaur tips back a bowl of baseballs strapped to his head; the ball rolls down his back and then he flings his tail to hurl the ball.  The dinosaur will throw any type of pitch that is requested.

Dinosaur Crane:  Fred sits in the cab on the Dinosaur's back and controls its head with a harness to make it pick up rocks with its mouth.

Dinosaur Drawbridge:  A dinosaur sits in the canyon between two sections of the road with his tail and head stretched end to end as cars drive over him.

Dinosaur Elevator Lift: The elevator cable is tied to the Dinosaurs tail so when it walks forward the elevator rises.

Dinosaur Mower: A small dinosaur is strapped to a dolly and bites the grass with his teeth.

Dinosaur Time Clock:  
The crocodile like dinosaur bites into a stone time card when inserted in its mouth.

Dragon Toaster:  Two Mini-dragons blow fire on each side of the bread.

Elephant Gas Pump:  The trunk of an elephant (named Ethel) is used to pump gas in the car.  (Then why did they use their feet to make the car move?)

Mammoth Shower:  A mastodon sucks up a big load of water from a bucket and then sticks his trunk through a hole in the bathroom wall and blows. The mastodon also doubles as a garden hose and sprinkler.

Mastodon Vacuum: The mastodon is pushed by a stick tied to his back, while he sucks up dirt with his trunk.

Monkey Lights: Monkeys hold candles for street and traffic lights

Monkey Traffic Signal: A monkey pulls levers displaying "stop" and "go" signs to let drivers know who has the right of way.

Octopus Dishwasher:  The octopus uses his many legs to wash, rinse and dry the dishes.

Pelican Garbage Can:  When Wilma steps on the foot of the pelican he opens the top of his beak to accept the garbage.

Pelican Mailbox:  Mail is deposited in the large beak of the pelican.

Pig Garbage Disposal: The Pig sits in the cabinet under the sink and devours the food waste.

Porcupine Hairbrush: A porcupine wraps its legs around a stick so that Fred and Wilma can use its back to comb their hair.

Porcupine Scrub Brush:  Wilma dips the porcupine in water and rubs his back on the floor to give it a good scrubbing.

Porcupine Sewing Needles:  The porcupine sits in his spot so Wilma can pull needles when she needs to sew.

Rabbit TV Antenna:  A literal use of 'rabbit ears'. The rabbit stands on top of the Television while Fred twists his ears for better reception.

Stegosaurus Food Processor: Chomps vegetables and fruits to bits with its teeth.

Swordfish Knife:  The jagged nose of the swordfish is used to cut through meat.  (remarkably, the swordfish is still alive outside of the water)

Triceratops Juicer:  The nose horn of the triceratops squeezes the juice out of oranges and grapefruits.

Turtle Car Jack:  As the tail of the turtle is cranked his head rises to lift the car. 

Turtle Checkers Table:  A large turtle sits patiently while Fred and Barney use his back as a checker board.

Turtle Clothes Iron:  Wilma rubs the heated shell of a turtle on the fabric.

Turtle Shopping Cart:  A basket is attached to the back of a turtle that gladly walks where directed.

Turtle Drum:  The back of a turtle's shell is beat with bones for a drum.

Turtle Wagon:  Wheels and a handle are attached to an empty turtle shell that is turned upside down.

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